Head Bot

Kashima is a Katori-Class Training Cruiser, From the Game called Kantai Collection. Kashima has a blue/gray eyes and a wavy silver hair tied into twintails with a payot on front. She also has a very Feminine Personality, that made a lot of Users, fall for her.


Head Developer

Hello, I am Saya, The Lead Developer / Owner of Kashima. I am known as Saya, but I am also known to be a Visual Novel Lover type of guy, specially for those who know me well. I love doing random but fun things as well as Programming, or just laze around and do nothing if I want to

Alex Thurman


Hi, I'm Alexa and I will think of something to put here later [insert smug anime girl here]



Hi, I'm Takase and I'm a hobbyist programmer. I usually code in JavaScript and C#, and sometimes c/c++. I'm quite lazy so please bear with me! (PS. Yeah I still bear with you -Saya)